15 Dark Fantasy Books to Read and Explore - The chronicles of the archangels

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People in the world are becoming busier with their work and other activities. Think about it – following a similar routine on a daily basis as if your life is in a loop is not the ideal situation.

You’d be experiencing similar situations and witnessing your life getting busier.

In such a scenario, people need activities that give them the Wow feeling. When you’re feeling burned out, you have to do something to relax your psychological state.

So, as far as leisure activities go, people talk about watching movies, playing sports, cooking, and much more.

But wait, are we forgetting something?

Is there an activity to kill two birds (enhances our intellectual prowess and good time pass) with one stone? Surely, yes!

It’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on, right? So, are you wondering, “Which activity are you talking about?”

Well, we’re talking about book reading. Something that gives you a thrill and keeps you on edge. If you’re fond of reading books, you’ll understand it’s an addiction (the good kind) you can’t get enough of.

When you’re involved in the storyline and plots – time flies. What else do you want when you’re looking to blow off some steam after a hectic day?

But as much as it’s all fun and pleasure, there’s a catch – not every book would give you the same experience.

So, which genre would you like to read, and why is it fantasy?

Yes, we just made a choice for you. Why? Because fantasy books are capable of keeping you hooked with the story and character development.

And if you want to kick it up a notch, you’d want to try dark fantasy series books. It may have the word dark, but these types of books will ignite your deepest feelings.

Well, at least some of them will.

So, with that in mind, now comes the big question, “Where to start?”

If you want to kick start your journey of reading a dark fantasy book, this blog will give you the perfect starting point.

Here are some options to get started in perusing your book reading journey.

The Blade Itself ~ by Joe Abercrombie

As far as history goes, Joe Abercrombie is known for his dark fantasy and lively storytelling and The Blade Itself is an example of this fact. The story features an infamous barbarian on the verge of death.

Reason – being caught in too many feuds.

One of the unique aspects of the novel is that there is no war between good and evil. The turns and twists in the story are unpredictable, with unforgettable characters that’ll be engraved in your mind.

It’s safe to say that Abercrombie has held nothing back in ensuring you get a roller coaster of emotions and thrills.

The Book of the New Sun ~ by Gene Wolfe

People who have read Gene Wolfe’s previous work are a testimony of his true prowess – science fantasy. But that’s when people see his work in ‘The Book of the New Sun’ and understand his multi-skilled personality.

The novel’s main character is an apprentice torturer exiled for the crime of falling in love. It’s a novel full of mystery, suspense, and wonders.

Want more reasons to choose theBook of The New Sunas your next read? It was voted the ‘Fantasy of All Time’ after The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

Talk about setting the bar high.

Garden of the Moon ~ by Steven Erikson

Confrontations, warfare, and bloodshed – these are the words that best describe Erikson’s novel. It’s a lengthy but interesting ten-book series to keep you engaged. Instead of focusing on a single location, Steven Erikson covers multiple events happening in parts of the world.

All the events are focused on powers like military, political, and (of course) magical. To cap it off, Erikson doesn’t use the conventional good-evil plotline. Instead, the novel is filled with interesting storylines to leave you amazed.

The Chronicles of the Archangels ~ by T.L.L. Quick

What is it like to be betrayed by someone who you thought was a brother to you? Find out by reading a masterpiece by T.L.L. Quick in his novel – The Chronicles of the Archangel. Blood is spilled in the battle for good and evil, sword and sorcery, light and darkness.

You can experience this goosebumps-tingling experience by purchasing your copy of the Chronicles of the Archangels. It’s sure to be an experience you’ll never want to miss.

Black Sun Rising ~ by Celia S. Friedman

This is where the cold fire trilogy begins. Friedman takes you into the world of fantasy called Erna. The novel mimics modern-day Jerusalem and advocates the worship of personal gods. The battle for good and evil begins with four people – the priest, adept, sorcerer, and apprentice, joining forces towards a common goal.

The army of the evil is led by the demonic Fae, known for preying on the human minds.

So, which side are you on? And which side will walk out victorious?

Find out by diving into the magical world and start reading the masterpiece by Celia S. Friedman.

The Fifth Season ~ by N.K. Jemisin

Imagine living an ordinary life in a small town. Then, on a day like any other, you come home to find your spouse having murdered your son and kidnapped your daughter.

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions, right?

That’s the ride N.K. Jemisin takes you on in his novel – The Fifth Season. He takes us back to the collapse of Sanze, a world-spanning empire known for its innovation. Citizens are murdered to serve a madman’s vengeance, and the great red rift has been torn into the earth’s heart.

Multiple events take place at the same time, and you can experience it firsthand by buying your copy of The Fifth Season.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf ~ by Marlon James

They say the first novel sets the tone for the ones to follow. Keeping that in mind, Marlon James has left it all out there to give the readers amazing thrills and experiences.

The journey begins with a developing storyline about a mercenary being hired to find a missing child who disappeared years ago. A known hunter by the name of Tracker was tasked with the objective. He had a rule about working alone without any help, which he broke when going on the journey.

Tracker pairs up with a group to search for the boy. What types of challenges do they face? And do they succeed in finding the missing boy?

Get the answers by reading this classic by James.

The Rage of Dragons ~ by Evan Winter

You know the opposition is too strong, and you can’t win. Yet, you keep on fighting. That’s the plotline portrayed by Winter in his fictional locations of Omehi. The people have been fighting a battle for 200 hundred years, knowing full well they can’t win.

But they have a secret weapon in their army. One in every two thousand women can call down dragons, whereas one of every hundred men can transform into a killing machine.

Will this be enough to overpower the opposition forces? Get your copy of “The Rage of Dragons” to find the answer.

The Gunslinger ~ by Stephen King

What is the most enigmatic personality you’ve read about? Well, Stephen King may change your answer as he introduces Roland of Gilead – The Last Gunslinger. In pursuit of finding the man in black, Roland finds his to-be friend, Jake.

A spellbinding experience awaits you when you read one of the best works by King.

Monstress ~ by Marjorie M. Liu

Try to paint a picture in your head – You’re just growing up and understanding how the world works, and all you see is a war raging around you. That’s the traumatic story portrayed in Marjorie’s novel, which is worth a read.

Shadow and Bone ~ by Leigh Bardugo

Every rise has a fall, and that’s what Bardugo touched upon in his novel – Shadow and Bone. The nation of Ravka has been torn by the dark creatures known to feast on human flesh.

The only remaining hope is Alina Starkov, who reveals a power that could be the key to setting her war-ravaging country.

Will it be enough to hold back the dark forces? Get the answer in Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone.

Daughter of the Blood ~ by Anne Bishop

The plot revolves around the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy – the arrival of a new Queen. And not just any Queen, she’ll have more power than the hell Lord. But with such great power, the Queen can easily be influenced.

Welcome to Anne Bishop’s world of magic, politics, and betrayal.

The Godblind Trilogy ~ by Anna Stephens

What happened when the Red Gods ruled? When the dark lady and her horde dealt with death. Because of the truce, the only spill was at the border, when vigilantes known as the wolves protected their kins and territories.

What will be the end result of the battles with so much going on? Find out in the first part of The Godblind Trilogy.

The Vagrant Trilogy ~ by Peter Newman

The story features a war-torn worrier – Vagrant, who has had a tough life. He’s on a mission to reach the shining city with nothing more than his kit bag, a legendary sword, and a baby.

Where did the Baby come from? And why is Vagrant determined to reach the shining city? All shall be revealed in the Vagrant trilogy.

Alabaster: The Good, The Bad, and The Bird ~ by Catlin R. Kiernan 

After Dancy’s Flammarion’s, she found herself in a hell of her making. From being haunted by new evils to facing demons, Dancy faced great challenges and discomfort.

Kiernan adds her own essence to present a suspense-filled novel you’d not want to miss.

The Final Word

When you’re engaged and involved in a specific novel, you’re deeply connected with it. You’ll feel like living the plot of your novel.

But you won’t get the same feeling from all novels. That’s why we’ve compiled this list and made your searching process easier.

So, which one will you choose?