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The Chronicles of the Archangels: Betrayal

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Dark Fantasy Series Books

Born in an outbound city of Chicago, T.L.L. Quick’s favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Reading their books, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ sent Quick to the land of dreams. It was then that Quick came up with the idea of writing his own dark fantasy series books. That’s how The Chronicles of the Archangels was written.

Dark Fantasy Archangel Books

The best part about reading bone-chilling fantasy dungeons and dragons books is that every page holds new adventures to unfold. The same is the case with T.L.L. Quick’s Christian fiction book about demons.

Once you pick it up, immerse in the battle of light and darkness, good and evil, sword and sorcery, and much more.

What’s Your Favorite Angels and Demons Books Series?

Dark angel books are among the favorite genre of teens and adults alike. There’s something comforting in knowing that the good always prevails while the darkness has to perish. So, although Priest Kristov betrays the brotherhood of the twelve Archangels, evil will find no home.

The story of The Chronicles of the Archangels is set around the theme of angels and demons – demons who roam the land after eight hundred years of peace. The Archangels must cast them back to Sheol, but the mystery is who gave the demons the power to get out of Sheol?

In this fascinating adventure, you’ll find elves, dwarves, and Man gearing up to battle with the demons and the One who betrayed them.

How will they make their land secure and demon-free again? This will remain a mystery until you read the book to the very last page.

Will T.L.L. Quick Write More Christian Books on Angels and Demons?

If you’re a die-hard fan of the first part of T.L.L. Quick’s angels and demons books series, we have exciting news for you.

As is the trend with most sci-fiction books, Betrayal is soon to be followed by its sequel ‘Nightmare.’

‘Nightmare’ is set to release in November 2022, so gear up to read more battles between the light and dark. Where there is darkness, light always finds its way.

If you still haven’t read the first book of T.L.L. Quick’s dark fantasy series books, now is the chance to grab a copy. Prepare to read this gripping tale and be amazed by the narrative power of Quick – it won’t let you put the book down until you’ve read through the Epilogue.