The Chronicles of the Archangels: Betrayal - The chronicles of the archangels

The Chronicles of the Archangels: Betrayal



Midnight has tolled.

Death and Chaos erupt.

Demons and their kind walk in the land.

Betrayal has entered the lives of the Priest. Where there was once peace, death has risen. What was once an inseparable brotherhood is now broken. The Priest Kristov betrayed them. He who was one of a special twelve, called Archangels, has spilled blood in his desire for power.

The calling of the Archangels is to protect the people from evil. Over eight hundred years have passed since the Demons last raged war, and the Archangels battled to cast them back to Sheol. Demons and their demonic hoard walk amongst them again, but who released them, and what hellish fate awaits all? Elves, Dwarves, and Men will find it hard to sleep, but that is if they live through the night.

The battle of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, Sword and Sorcery await you in this Dark Fantasy.


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